#Pharmacovigilance Software 2017 Market New Research Study

Pharmacovigilance Software 2017 Market New Research Study

Pharmacovigilance Software 2017 Market New Research Study

PV Chronicle is back with an interesting update on Pharmacovigilance Software 2017 Market New Research Study.

As a Pharmacovigilance professionals and aspirants, you are all aware of the Pharmacovigilance software being used in the industry and research.


Initially, a paper-based submission is widely accepted and its tedious process for Pharma companies to reports lakhs of reports to regulatory authorities.

Hence a good collaboration of both Pharma Companies and IT Companies is an unavoidable process.

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The below mentioned are best user-friendly Pharmacovigilance software.

  1. ARGUS
  2. ARISg
  5. Sapphire.
  6. Vigiflow
  7. Vigibase

Most of the Multinational Pharma Companies, Biotech, and small size companies utilize the above PV software for their Pharmacovigilance department and comply with global regulatory authorities.

Pharmacovigilance Software 2017 Market New Research Study provides you the brief overview of major players in Pharmacovigilance software 2017 market and their roles.

Major Players in Pharmacovigilance (Pv) Software market are:
Oracle Corporation
Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd
United BioSource Corporation
Online Business Applications, Inc
Sparta Systems, Inc
Ennov Solutions Inc

However major PV Software market is captured by Oracle ARGUS & ARISg.

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If you are Pharmacovigilance start-up, contract research organization, and pharma company looking for PV Software purchase and services can approach these IT companies for PV Services and support.


Get sample copy @ http://www.reportsweb.com/inquiry&RW00011137026/sample

Major Regions play the vital role in Pharmacovigilance (Pv) Software market are:
North America
Middle East & Africa
South America

Browse complete report @ http://www.reportsweb.com/global-pharmacovigilance-software-industry-market-research-report


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