Pharmacovigilance course by PvPI

Pharmacovigilance course by PvPI 

Pharmacovigilance Chronicle shares one more pharmacovigilance course details, Pharmacovigilance course by PvPI. This pharmacovigilance is the course offered by IPC, Ghaziabad as their contribution to Pharmacovigilance programme of India.


The skill development programme, Basics and Regulatory Aspects of Pharmacovigilance have launched in 2017 the response is too good. PvPI have recently shared the upcoming training programme details through a well-planned calendar for the upcoming year 2018.

This Pharmacovigilance course by PvPI, the course is well designed and is going to definitely boost up your career who is aspiring drug safety as a career.

The Calendar is divided into 6 sessions as in January 2018, March 2018, May 2018, July 2018, September 2018 and November 2018 to cater different states students.


The course content is as below: 

  1. Pharmacovigilance basics, objectives and Methods.
  2. Pharmacovigilance programme of India.
  3. ADR’S understanding, reporting and preventing.
  4. Understanding Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSR’s).
  5. Causality assessment and quality review.
  6. PV Based regulatory action.
  7. Application of IT tools.
  8. Signal detection and assessment.
  9. Benefit-Risk assessment.
  10. Optimization of drug safety through research.
  11. Period Safety Reports PSUR’s/PBRERS’s
  12. Role of PV in public health programmes.
  13. Vaccines pharmacovigilance.
  14. Materiovigilance.

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Though Pharmacovigilance courses are offered by several institutes, this course is going to definitely add a value to your career moves and resume.

PV Chronicle promotes pharmacovigilance and the latest updates in pharmacovigilance industry.

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