#6 Pharmacovigilance books under 500 RS

6 Pharmacovigilance books under 500 RS

6 Pharmacovigilance books under 500 RS 

PV Chronicle shares 6 Pharmacovigilance books under 500 RS, an exclusive article is eyed at life sciences freshers aspiring career into pharmacovigilance department as a dream Job. Our team has compiled 6 Pharmacovigilance books under 500 RS which comprise of different aspects which are at very nominal and affordable prices for students.

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These books include Pharmacovigilance Interview which supports your interview preparation, principles of pharmacovigilance, Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics, pharmacovigilance data; oracle argus simplified for understanding most widely used data and other books detailing the concepts and basics of Drug Safety. 

1. The Pharmacovigilance Interview: This book is written by Dr. Ravin Humbarwadi (Author),‎ PRANAV (Narrator)

Topics included 2012 EMEA Changes, Spontaneous reports, MedDRA, WHO Drug Dictionary, Causality Assessment, Regulatory SubmissioLAREB, FDA, MHLW, BfarM, Unblinding & SUSAR, PBRER Workflow, Post Treatment and Pre-Treatment Study The Pharmacovigilance System – Eudravigilance and EMEA- GVP

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2. Principles Of Pharmacovigilance, written by Bhise 

1 Introduction to adverse drug reactions 2 Introduction to pharmacovigilance 3 National and International scenario 4 Basic Terminologies used in pharmacovigilance 5 Information resources in pharmacovigilance 6 Establishing pharmacovigilance programme 7 Pharmacovigilance methods 8 Adverse drug reaction reporting 9 Signal detection risk assessment and management 10 Drug and disease classification

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3. Pharmacovigilance Database: Oracle Argus Simplified by Ravi Humbarwadi

PHARMACOVIGILANCE DATABASE, Aris G, Oracle Argus, Empirica Trace, Sapphire, Clintrac are pharmacovigilance databases. This is the generic overview and gives a comprehensive idea of the different databases currently in use in pharmacovigilance across the globe.
An Oracle Argus specific overview is also presented. An end to end field by field and module to module database book.
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4. Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics: by Amrita Akhouri

This book would be useful to anyone who wishes to enrich his/her knowledge on the fundamentals of pharmacovigilance. This book offers the readers a unique organized study material which comprises of mind maps, flow charts, short notes, text explanation and glossary thus, presenting the intricate concepts of the subject in a very simple manner. Over and above the core subject, this book also throws some light on careers in the field of pharmacovigilance which will be very helpful for the candidates preparing for job interviews in this field.

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5. A Textbook of Pharmacovigilance: Concept and Practice written by Guru Prasad Mohanta (Author),‎ Prabal Kumar Manna (Author)

Contents include the textbook deals with all aspects ranging from concept to practice of pharmacovigilance. It covers the historical background in the evolution of this emerging science, India’s and global scenario, science of pharmacovigilance, and pharmacovigilance of Indian system of medicine.

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6. Fundamentals of Pharmacovigilance by Sumit Verma. 

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  1. Hai Sir , how to get 6 pharmacovegilance books under 500 rs and text book of pharmacovegilance ICRI and these books available in hyderabad book stalls

  2. Hai Sir , Iam from Hyderabad , How to buy 6 PV books under Rs : 500 and these books are not available in Hyderabad book stalls , Sir I need 6 PV books – How ?

    1. Hai Sir , Iam from Hyderabad , How to buy 6 PV books under Rs : 500 and these books are not available in Hyderabad book stalls , Sir I need 6 PV books – How ?

  3. Hi.I am having Dm as well as safety DM exp since last 8.5 years.after 2 yrs gap for my son i want to swtich my career to PV.will my experience be counted or will be considered as fresher.also what is d procedure to buy this 6 books of PV.

  4. Very informative…????sir how to get these over books..can u please share the link..so that it will be helpful to buy the books..

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